This is a blog dedicated to my dearly loved and missed daughter.

Alexandra's Footprints

Alexandra's Footprints
"How very softly you tiptoed into our world. Almost silently; only a moment you stayed. But what an imprint your footprints have left on our hearts." --Dorothy Ferguson

Thursday, October 15, 2009

22 months

22 Months - seems like yesterday at times.
Today is the 15th of October and a day to remember lots of your little friends my sweet. I'm glad I was able to have a good cry and talk to you, and with every flicker of that candle I felt like you were here with me.
Even though I don't get on here much these days, you know you are always in my thoughts and I still miss you like crazy. I still search for some kind of answer as to why I would have to lose you in order to have Sarah? Why couldn't I have all three of you? I still feel at times that I must have done something wrong to be given this life sentence of missing you, still trying to keep the lump in my throat down, holding tears back.
You know I thank you every day for sending Sarah to us, she's such a joy and truly has helped heal my heart as much as it can, but there will always be that piece ripped out - missing.
You are loved and missed everyday my little peanut!
Hugs & Kisses!!!
Love, Mommy! xoxoxoxo
I love you Alexandra!